About Us

Developed by Doctors for Doctors in consultation with GPs ,GP federations, Hospital Trusts, Out of hours providers, NHS Local area teams, CCG, LMC and technology specialist ID SIGMA.

Key benefits :

  • Enhanced MAG form with 10mb upload
  • Simple user friendly sections with helpful tips
  • Appraisee dashboard with built in analytics
  • Sharing features and communication with appraiser
  • Messaging system
  • Notifications system
  • Cloud integration such as dropbox and gmail
  • Printable PDF MAG forms
  • Appraiser and Responsible officer dashboard with analytics
  • Unique Quality improvement forum to share with colleagues QIA
  • PDP and CPD Bank editable


Future plans:

  • IOS and android application for CPD diary integrated with appraisal system
  • Online browsing plug in to record online learning activity integrated with appraisal system
  • Exclusive DA deals
  • Paper based survey
  • Appraisal platform for nurses
Our Mission

Is to provide every doctor with a outstanding appraisal system allowing them to improve their professional development and deliver the best possible care for patients.

Our Values

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Innovative products that are market leading

  • Feedback hungry to drive improvements

  • Collaborate with partners

  • Accountability

  • Passionate 

  • Quality and safety

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