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    Some fields will be optional, the mandatory ones will be highlighted to ensure they are completed. There is an ' H 'at the top right of each section which by hovering over it you can find further information about what should be included in each section or field with some helpful hints. Some may contain hyperlinks to further sources of information. All text boxes can allow you to write as much as you like. You can also copy and paste information into them.

  • Q. What happens after I submit my pre-appraisal ?

    Your Appraiser will log into his/her account on DA and review your appraisal. They will complete the proposed PDPs for the following year, complete appraiser sections and feedback. On the Appraisal management tool, they will ' ACTION 'APPRAISER COMPLETED PDP & FEEDBACK.'

    This will be displayed in your "APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT' on your DA platform as:


    You will then be provided an option to 'AGREE WITH POST APPRAISAL FEEDBACK' If you agree, please mark Agree by toggle the button to the right. The Appraiser can then lock the appraisal and submit it to the RO for review.

    Remember, you are providing this information to your appraiser. After your appraisal is signed off, your responsible officer will receive a copy of the form, specifically to read the appraiser’s statements, the appraisal summary, and your personal development plan. Your responsible officer may also access to the rest of this form and all of your supporting information. You should take care to abide by local confidentiality, data security and information governance protocols. In particular, you should remove all personally identifiable data.



  • Q. Introduction

    Help Documentation for Doctors Appraisal

    This software is intended as an example of a repository that holds the information required for a medical appraisal. It has been designed with the appraisal meeting in mind, in a logical manner that mirrors how the appraisal conversation may flow.

    All aspects of a medical practitioner’s role can be, and should be, detailed within this form, including clinical, managerial and academic work, research, private practice, locum work and voluntary roles.

    Doctors should complete up to and including section 6 and submit the package of information to the appraiser by a mutually agreed date.

  • Q. How do I communicate with my appraiser ?

    Doctors' Appraisal allows you send an email link to your appraiser which allows them to view your documentation following completing all relevant sections and clicking on 'create a pre-appraisal pdf document' on the 'Appraisal Managment' in your dashboard.

    There is also a secure communication platform which allows the appraisee to communicate with the appraiser on the platform.

  • Q. How does the doctors appraisal platform work?

    It is an interactive system which allows you to type information into boxes and upload documents into the software.

    Documents are attached in the same way as you would attach a file to an email. The maximum size of attachments to the software cannot exceed 10MB due to restrictions with most email servers.

    Please check your computer set up against the guidance provided by your organisation before starting to complete the forms on the software. The MAG form created will not always be compatible to your computer and you may experience issues with features if you are not using the correct software.

    Saving your record

    Please consult with your organisation’s information governance requirements. Use the ‘Save’ buttons throughout the document to save
    your work as you go.

  • Q. How can I submit supporting information?

    Many file types can be uploaded as supporting information including Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint slides, pdfs and image files. Some file types may not be compatible with the form. If you try to upload one of these, a warning box will tell you that it is not possible.
    Zip files and webpages cannot be uploaded.

    Some files will be too large. These generally include presentations that include a lot of graphics or some types of scanned documents. These can either be emailed to the appraiser separately by a secure means or submitted in hard copy format, in advance of the appraisal meeting.

    If you intend to provide any files separately you should communicate to your appraiser and list them in the appropriate section, and comment on them. Make sure you remember to click the save button.

    If you change your mind regarding an attachment, you do have the option to remove the attachment. You can copy and paste any text that you have written first, and then attach a new document.

  • Q. Colleague questionnaire

    The appraisee will need to select 20 colleagues who are prepared to complete the survey. There should be a selection of clinical and non- clinical staff. A minimum of 15 survey reports should be completed by an independent organisation. DA has a built integrated colleague survey toolkit that you can use or alternatively you can use a third party. Currently, DA offers an online colleague survey service. Future developments will be to also offer paper-based surveys too.

    Following adding the colleague to the colleague survey they will be sent a unique link which will allow them to complete their survey. The survey will be anonymous however the Appraisee will be notified under ' tracking survey' when a colleague has completed the survey. The Appraisee can also edit the survey and add colleagues if he/she is concerned that they are unlikely to meet the minimum 15 standards. The date of the survey can also be extended. Once they are satisfied they can complete the survey and the reports will be added to their survey dashboard. The Appraisee can add this to their appraisal as part of the revalidation process.

  • Q. What is the patient survey?

    DA has an integrated patient survey toolkit which allows patients to complete their survey online. Currently, this method is by emailing patients the survey based on GMC guidance. The survey can then be completed online. A minimum of 35 patients survey should be completed anonymously. Paper based surveys will be developed and integrated into the DA platform as a future development.

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