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Colleague & Patient Feedback
  • Q. Colleague questionnaire

    The appraisee will need to select 20 colleagues who are prepared to complete the survey. There should be a selection of clinical and non- clinical staff. A minimum of 15 survey reports should be completed by an independent organisation. DA has a built integrated colleague survey toolkit that you can use or alternatively you can use a third party. Currently, DA offers an online colleague survey service. Future developments will be to also offer paper-based surveys too.

    Following adding the colleague to the colleague survey they will be sent a unique link which will allow them to complete their survey. The survey will be anonymous however the Appraisee will be notified under ' tracking survey' when a colleague has completed the survey. The Appraisee can also edit the survey and add colleagues if he/she is concerned that they are unlikely to meet the minimum 15 standards. The date of the survey can also be extended. Once they are satisfied they can complete the survey and the reports will be added to their survey dashboard. The Appraisee can add this to their appraisal as part of the revalidation process.

  • Q. What is the patient survey?

    DA has an integrated patient survey toolkit which allows patients to complete their survey online. Currently, this method is by emailing patients the survey based on GMC guidance. The survey can then be completed online. A minimum of 35 patients survey should be completed anonymously. Paper based surveys will be developed and integrated into the DA platform as a future development.

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